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31/05/202402/06/2024Dimitris MarkopoulosEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(914) 525-4509

Θα ήθελα να μάθω διαθεσιμότητα και κόστος. Είμαστε φοιτητές (ζευγάρι) και ερχόμαστε από Αθήνα με αεροπλάνο την Παρασκευή το πρωί. Δημήτρης

20 May, 2024
15/07/202416/07/2024Gabriele PallottiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(349) 130-493619 May, 2024
26/08/202428/08/2024HayleyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(078) 861-4461

Please can I enquire on availability for staying for 2 nights from 26-28th August. There are two guests

2 May, 2024
03/05/202407/05/2024KellyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(697) 944-6030

Θα ήθελα να μάθω τιμή για 3/5 με 7/5. 4 διανυκτερεύσεις. Ευχαριστώ

26 April, 2024
09/05/202412/05/2024Chelsey JorgensonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.16 April, 2024
23/09/202425/09/2024Adrianna GenierEmail hidden; Javascript is required.


I'm interested in learning more about your rates. We're traveling to Mykonos Sept 23-25, 2024.

Thank you for any information you can provide. I found your accommodations while reading a blog about the Greek Isles.


1 April, 2024
07/06/202511/06/2025Chris GibbonsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.30 March, 2024
15/07/202420/07/2024Faye adelEmail hidden; Javascript is required.25 March, 2024
15/05/202422/05/2024MarkEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

hi there, would you have availability for the above dates for just one person please?

Thanks so much,

20 January, 2024
30/06/202403/07/2024EleanorEmail hidden; Javascript is required.15 January, 2024
12/06/202414/06/2024LaurenEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(041) 509-5132

Hi there,

Just wanted to understand if you had any availability for these dates and what the cost would be?

Are there washing machine facilities available too at the apartment?


12 January, 2024
26/06/202427/06/2024Dalia HamdyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 291-5836

Please can you let me know if you have availability for June 26 (1 night).
We are 2 adults and 2 kids.
Thank you!

24 October, 2023
17/09/202319/09/2023Megan ClappisonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Hello, looking to stay in Mykonos for 2 nights with a friend from these dates if possible 🙂

1 September, 2023
26/08/202328/08/2023Panagiotis PavlidisEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Χαίρετε θα ήθελα να κλείσω για δύο μέρες ένα δωμάτιο στο ξενοδοχείο σας.

Υπάρχει κάποιο site Να κλείσω online;

7 August, 2023
25/08/202327/08/2023WiderEmail hidden; Javascript is required.23 July, 2023
07/09/202309/09/2023Tasha SibleyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(074) 120-5148

Hello - I would love to know if you have availability between the 7th September - 9th September 2023! Thanks

8 July, 2023
06/08/202311/07/2023EdoardoEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Good morning, I wanted to know if you have availability for 2 people from 6 to 11 August. And price?
Thank you.
Best regards

7 July, 2023
06/08/202311/08/2023EdoardoEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Good morning,
is the loft available for the dates august 6-11? And the price?
I look forward to your kind reply.

Best regards

7 July, 2023
05/09/202306/09/2023Rachel HartfordEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(603) 973-7662

Hello, we are island hoping in Greece and would love to stay two nights in the loft!

Let me know if this is available and the cost!

Thank you for your time.

3 July, 2023
11/07/202314/07/2023Filippo MastiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Good morning, I’d like to know if there are rooms/lofts available for two for the selected dates and prices relative to the options available,

4 June, 2023
01/09/202308/09/2023LOUISE LESUREmail hidden; Javascript is required.(063) 428-3888


I would like to know the prices for a week in september.

Thanks in advance,
Lovely day to you,

28 April, 2023
22/07/202325/07/2023AthinaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Good morning,

I am interested for a family room (2 adults and 2 children -10 year and 6 year old) for the below dates:
22 July 2023 up to 25 July 2023 (3 nights)
31 July (only 1 night )

Please provide us your quotation.

22 February, 2023
30/08/202301/09/2023Grainne MooneyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.12 February, 2023
17/06/202321/06/2023Francesca MartellaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(301) 525-4193


I hope you’re having a lovely evening. I was looking to reserve for 2 on the dates of June 17- June 21st. I was also wondering how much it would be. Thanks!

9 February, 2023
26/07/202328/07/2023SaffronEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(748) 763-9882

Hi me and my sister and best friend really loved the look and sounds of this loft and was wondering if it’s available on these dates and if so what the price is if you could let me know on email thanks
Saffron purssey

6 February, 2023
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